MHA MacIntyre Hudson Credit Confidence

MHA MacIntyre Hudson Credit Confidence

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The MHA MacIntyre Hudson Credit Confidence service gives you access to the following reports:

Companies House documents

All documents filed with Companies House are available as electronically scanned PDF files through our Company Reports service.

Each document costs £2.50 (exc VAT) and allows you to download updated data to company documents at any time up to midnight on the day of purchase. After midnight, you will need to re-purchase the document image in order to get the latest data.

Director reports

Director reports carry details of the current, dissolved and resigned directorships of an individual company director. For each directorship, the company name, registration number, trading status, and director position and occupation are given. Reports also provide the date of birth and address of the director.

Director reports cost £4.99 (exc VAT) each.

Credit reports

    Level 1     Level 2     Level 3     Non-Ltd Company  
Price (ex VAT) £8.00 £10.00 £14.00 £10.00
Basic information (trading name, contact details, directors, trading styles, SIC codes, banking provider, directors) tick tick tick tick
Credit summary tick tick tick tick
Financial summary (up to 4 years history) tick tick tick  
County Court Judgements tick tick tick tick
Mortgages & charges tick tick tick tick
Credit ratings (advised credit limit, delinquency score, risk index) tick tick tick tick
Director particulars tick tick tick  
Payment profile   tick tick tick
Balance sheet (up to 4 years history)   tick tick  
Profit & loss (up to 4 years history)   tick tick  
Company ratios (up to 4 years history)     tick  
Growth rates (4-year comparisons)     tick  
Director associations     tick  

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MHA MacIntyre Hudson Credit Confidence provides you with the information you need to safe guard yourself from adverse risk. Our online service brings you financial reports on over 210 million companies across the globe, in over 240 countries! It's simple to use and provides an all round picture of a customers financial status. Available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, all the information is live - bringing you the most up to date data available! Click the button below to search for companies outside of the UK and Ireland.

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